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im so sorry - Episode 1
bday party
December 15, 2022
Track list:
sami baha, why be, young thug - maverick dome
GaL - soulja boy remix
bluebucksclan, king combs - city poppin
poody gordy, bandgang jizzle p - miss you jizzle
glokk40spaz - be right back
chxpo - my squad
lucki - freewave 4
charli xcx - moments in love
play-n-skillz, krayzie bone, adina howard - freaks
67, ASAP, monkey, LD - in skengs we trust
anquette allen - i will always be there for you
lil b - 1 mo time based freestyle
sinjin hawke - shimmer
monker178 - chance
e-saggila - aziza
M.I.A. - aTENTion
chrisman - lupupu
vessel - paplu (love that moves the sun)
kreayshawn, diplo, sissy nobby - twerkin!!!
blectum from blechdom - right time right place
chino amobi - elysia’s black harp
baby stone gorillas, gotdamnitdupri - keep goin
aïsha devi - clean ur chakras
sickboyrari - shyning on western ave